We're one step closer to becoming the world’s most sustainable staffing company!

​RGF Staffing New Zealand achieves Toitū Net CarbonZero Certification, reinforcing commitment to carbon emission measurement and sustainability.

New Zealand, February 2024 - RGF Staffing New Zealand, a global leader in staffing and recruitment solutions, is proud to announce the successful completion of our Toitū Net CarbonZero certification across its prominent New Zealand brands, Chandler Macleod, OCG Consulting, and Peoplebank. This achievement marks a significant milestone in RGF Staffing's ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability and aligns with international best practices in carbon emissions measurement and verification standards in accordance with ISO 14064.

Toitū Net CarbonZero certification is a rigorous and internationally recognized standard for measuring, managing, and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. By achieving this certification, RGF Staffing demonstrates its dedication to transparently assessing and reducing its carbon footprint in line with the highest industry standards.

The certification process involved a comprehensive evaluation of RGF Staffing's operations, including energy consumption, waste management, and transportation. By quantifying and offsetting its carbon emissions, RGF Staffing is taking a proactive stance in addressing climate change and contributing to a more sustainable future.

Brent Leahy, Chief Executive Officer at RGF Staffing APEJ, expressed the company's enthusiasm for this achievement: "We are proud to have achieved Toitū Net CarbonZero certification in New Zealand, reflecting our unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility. This certification underscores our dedication to operating in a manner that is not only efficient and sustainable but also aligned with global best practices in carbon emissions management."

RGF Staffing has a mission to, by 2030, be the world’s most sustainable staffing company. We believe that our commitment to environmental, social, & governance (ESG) is directly tied to our mission’s success, and that we have the ability and responsibility to drive positive, transformative change.

We recognise the importance of corporate responsibility in addressing the global climate crisis and are actively working towards reducing its environmental footprint across all facets of its operations.

By being one of the first recruitment agencies in New Zealand to achieve a Toitū Net CarbonZero certification, RGF Staffing New Zealand is not only meeting its environmental goals but also setting a benchmark for the staffing industry. The company remains committed to fostering sustainable practices, driving positive change, and inspiring others to join in the collective effort towards a greener, more sustainable future.

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