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Our sector spotlight is an up to date insight into how the technology and digital market is trending, what candidates are looking for, how businesses are moving, and how the New Zealand market and world market makes and effect.

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Our New Zealand specific salary guide is a tool powered by New Zealand employees, gathering current salary data and presenting it in a comparative way. To find out if what you are offering measures up to current market rates, visit the salary guide tool now.

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It has been over a year now since the worst of New Zealand's COVID-19 lockdowns began. In this short space of time, the country's businesses have had to evolve rapidly to keep up with a changing economic environment and shifting employee expectations. Download our new whitepaper to get the full insight on our research into flexible working.


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Want to know more about the specialisations in the technology and digital industry? We have detailed explanations of our specialisations, including what candidates need, skills required for roles, and what type of roles we see most in each specialty.

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