Where to look for a job

Where to look for a job

It all starts with you!

  • Make sure your social media profiles are tidy and professional. There is nothing worse than getting asked for a job interview and the Hiring Manager finds a photo with you breaking the law or doing something you shouldn't be.

  • LinkedIn is a goldmine of professional networking opportunities, conversation starters, vacancies, company information, reviews and more. It is a great place to start looking for a job, or finding more information about a company you would like to work for.

Job Boards

  • Seek and TradeMe Jobs are the leading job boards in New Zealand, although there is a growing number of other job boards like MyJobSpace and Indeed.

  • Google! If you have a job title in mind, start you search by simply googling 'SEO Specialist Jobs' or 'Software Engineering Jobs Auckland'. This will be a great start to your search as Google will pull results from all over the internet.

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